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World Foursquare Day!!!

Come 16th April 2013 and Foursquare will be celebrating it’s 4th ‘World Foursquare Day’. Every year the 16th of April is celebrated as Foursquare Day, the logic being that four squared is sixteen, hence 4/16 serves as the official Foursquare Day.


World Foursquare Day

While the Foursquare community in the world comprises of over 30 million people currently, nearly 5.7 % of Foursquare users come from India.

This day sees most communities of the world celebrating in their own way, by having community events, social causes or simply check-ins to mark the day. 4sqDay is all about—using a common interest to get together with others in your community and learning more about them and from them.

How does one participate in ‘World Foursquare Day’?

1) Attend a Foursquare Day event in your neighborhood

2) Check in at a local business or your favorite hangouts. Many businesses offer special Foursquare Day offers and you get sweet deals. Track the offers via twitter, as most brands will use the Hashtag #4sqDay to promote it.

3) Unlock the Foursquare Day badge. The site says unlocking it “remains a mystery,” and figuring out how to unlock it is “part of the fun of the day.” Good luck with that!

4) At 4:16, celebrate by blowing a party horn, tweeting “Happy #4sqday” on Twitter, and doing various other crazy Foursquare-related things.

Apart from the above, you can leave a tip at your favorite Hangout or Brand, so other users know what to expect when the check-in there. Lastly you can be a part of the fun by following #4sqchat.
Happy Checking-in!

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