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Instagram Introduces Insights for Reels and Live

Digital Marketing managers across the globe are elated with Instagram announcing the addition of Insights for Reels & Insta Live sessions.


Instagram Reels, the short-format video sharing feature launched last year in July soon became the content creators’ & marketers’ favorite tool. However, the only insight available was the total number of views.

The introduction of new insights will be available for all types of content, including the in-depth stats for Reels and Live adding to the already available data for feed posts and IGTV. However, these Insights will be only available for Business & Creator Accounts.

Instagram Reels Insights
Image Credit: Instagram

For Reels, marketers can get the data for Total Plays, Accounts Reached, Likes, Comments, Saves, and Shares. 

For Instagram Live broadcasts, users will be able to access data on Accounts Reached, peak concurrent viewers, comments, and shares.

Instagram Live Insights
Image Credit: Instagram

Additionally, Instagram has also launched “Reach” for account insights. This will give a breakdown of what types of accounts you’re reaching and which content formats are the most effective for each. It will help the creators work more efficiently to create the content.

To access Instagram Reels and Live Insights, tap the Insights button on your account profile page. From here you can access up to 30 days of analysis for Instagram feed posts, stories, roles, IGTV videos and live videos.

The introduction of these new insights will not only arm the Digital Marketers & Content Creators with more data but also provide a broader picture into how Reels and Live shape their account’s performance.

Furthermore, Instagram has announced that ‘Over the coming months, we will also begin rolling out new preset time frame options in Insights, expanding beyond the last 7 and 30 days. We’ll also begin supporting Insights on desktop‘.

It’s exciting times ahead for Digital Marketers & Content Creators, isn’t it?

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