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10 Quick Facts you should know about SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an integral part a brand’s of Digital marketing strategy. Here’a handy check list of the SEO fundamentals that’s part of the best SEO practices.

Best SEO Practices

1. SEO is a Marathon not a sprint

SEO is an Ongoing Process. There is no such thing as a fully optimized website. Your site will never be 100% “optimised,” it will only get improving as you put in more effort.

2. SEO is not a replacement for PPC

Choosing between SEO & PPC is never the question. Both SEO & PPC have a different objective and complement each other. SEO is ideal for achieving your long-term goals. On the other hand, PPC works for meeting short-term goals.

3. SEO is not Google Ranking

While Google is the most preferred search engine, there are many other Search engines that drive traffic to your website. Don’t optimise your website only for Google. The reason behind calling it “Search Engine Optimization” and not Google Optimization tells us a lot in itself.

4. SEO can improve your Click Through Rate (CTR)

Well-crafted Meta descriptions not only result in improved Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) but it also increases the chances of a user clicking on your Search Result.

5. URL Structure plays an important role in SEO

Dynamic URLs are not only difficult to understand and remember for the users but also for the Search Engines. Structuring URLs with the right keywords goes a long way in boosting your website’s SEO performance.

6. Image Search is Real

Don’t forget to add Alt-text to your images and describe your photos with a caption. Every search engine has a dedicated section for Image Search.

7. Site Speed Matters

Page speed is known to be one of the leading SEO ranking factors for years. Google recently introduced Page Experience to its ranking signal and made it a part of the Core Web Vitals with existing metrics like mobile friendliness and safe browsing.

8. SEO is not a Click bait

Though your keywords and descriptions prompt people to click on your site. It shouldn’t lie or exaggerate your content as that will not only result in a higher bounce rate but also in your website getting penalised by Google & other search engines.

9. SEO should never be your only marketing strategy

SEO is an important part of any Digital Marketing Strategy but in today’s Digital era, it would be foolish to depend only on SEO to promote your business online.

10. Content with Context is the King

While Search Engine’s trust your content, but its relevance is still the most important aspect towards a better ranking. As Neil Patel says, Write for Humans first, search engines second.

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