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The Perfect 10: A Decade of Brewing Fresh Ideas

Started From a Coffee Bean

Digital Latte has just turned 10! To put that in context: when we started, Facebook Pokes were still a thing, Valencia was probably everyone’s favourite Instagram filter, and influencers hadn’t even realised their influence yet. Many believed the Internet wouldn’t last, and discounted digital marketing as a fad.

Fast-forward to a decade later: a lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same. The Internet is now ruled by dancing teens, Stories are a veritable blackhole, and it’s hard to tell social media networks apart any more. Digital is not just an integral part of marketing, it’s often what brands turn to first, before traditional media.

Here, amidst the chaos and imperfections, we have found #ThePerfect10.

The Perfect 10

The Perfect 10

The Perfect 10 is the stroke of genius that hits you, the morning after a rough all-nighter. The Perfect 10 is in getting it right the first time, after years of Ctrl + Z-ing. It’s planning for the clients you have, and even for the ones you don’t (yet). It’s the adrenaline rush before a pitch meeting. It’s also in failure, in the R&D you poured your heart into for a campaign that never got the green light. Or, the typo that went live after you proofread 6 times. After all, chasing The Perfect 10 is what gets us out of bed every morning, ready for another day of being perfectly imperfect.

So, how then do we measure The Perfect 10? Perhaps we let emotions be the metric – can an idea spark memories, goosebumps or even a giggle? Or maybe we count the Likes, Shares…no, definitely not that. If the last 10 years have taught us anything, it’s that perfection may never be truly quantifiable, but effort, passion plus energy sure seem to add up to it. And, of course, an endless supply of fresh ideas brewing through it all. 

What Will We Brew Next?

It’s been a delightful decade of reaching new heights across India, the Middle East, UK and the USA. We’ve been fortunate with a clientele who pushes us to aim higher and gives us the space to fail. Win or lose, we’re in it as a team, and we’re grateful for the one we’ve built. Together, we’re #ThePerfect10.

We look forward to continuing to learn, unlearn, adapt and overcome. While perfection is elusive, its pursuit will ensure the sky is always the limit. Ideas will be brewed fresh, every single day as we turn The Perfect 10 into The Perfect 20, 30, 50, 100…

Thank you for joining us on this rollercoaster ride. This milestone is only the beginning of greater things to come, and we can’t wait to get the next decade rolling. We promise to always keep it a little daring and a latte fun.

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