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Twitter rolls out new feature that lets users limit replies 

Twitter has now rolled out a new moderation feature that allows users to limit how many people can reply to their tweets. 

Before Tweeting the users can select either of three options

– Everyone

– People you follow

– Only people you have mentioned

Twitter launches Limit Replies Feature

If a user limits the replies to their tweets, people who can’t reply will still be able to view, Retweet, Retweet with Comment, and like these Tweets.

Launched as a test feature in May 2020 to a small percentage of users, on 11th August 2020, Twitter officially launched the ‘Limit Reply‘ feature for all Android, iOS & Web Twitter users.


With the growing hatred on Social Media Platforms, the new limiting replies feature is a step to make Twitter a safe place for the users, it will help users to block abusive or derogatory tweets from trolls, apart from irrelevant tweets.

However, many users feel that limiting the replies would allow a group of individuals to spread their propaganda without any comments from other people and is against the fundamental Twitter ideology that allows any users to share their opinion on a topic of the tweet. 

Would you love having a conversation with just a few people on Twitter or you like the good old Twitter?

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