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Twitter Launches stories-like feature Fleets

Twitter launches its own version of ‘Stories’, called Fleets for users in India. Being one of the last Social Media platforms to test the stories format, Twitter says, ‘Fleets are less Permanent and more casual than tweeting’.

Unlike tweets, Fleets disappear after 24 hours and there are no public retweets, replies, or likes.

Twitter Fleets

Fleets are predominantly based on text, but similar to Tweets users can add Photos, Videos, GIFs too. However, there are no other creative features in the current version like that on Instagram.

Your twitter followers can see your fleet at the top of their home. However, fleets aren’t non-public, anyone who can see your full profile can find your fleets there.  If your DMs are open, anyone can DM a reply to your Fleet. If they are close, then people you follow can reply.

You have to swipe down to see the next fleet from the same user and tap to move to the fleets from the next user.

Have you tried ‘Fleeting’ yet? Tap on your avatar at the top left of your twitter timeline to post your Fleet.

What do you think about ‘Fleets’? Share your fleeting thoughts in the comments below.

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