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Social Media Case Study: How a brand rides the current trends!

The recent phenomenon called the ‘Hona Chahiye’ jokes were a good break from the Rajnikant wisecracks. Folk all over the internet and SMS were going gaga passing on these one liners and even creating their own jokes.

Below are some of the hilarious ones, to help you relive the fun, just in case you missed them.

“Ghar mein BALCONY honi chahiye, Gallery toh MOBILE mein bhi hota hai”

“Dessert mein ICECREAM hona chahiye, FALOODA toh izzat ka bhi hota hai”

Such messages which become viral over the internet have a mass appeal and acceptance. The Bombay Store decided to ride on the success of these jokes to promote their new product range of Colourful Umbrellas.

First they tested the response on their Facebook Page through a daily post that read, ‘Umbrella toh colourful hona chahiye, black toh ______ bhi hota hai.’ This was received well by the fun hungry folk with both hands.

Facebook Campaign

The reaction received from the fans was extremely enthusiastic and their answers make a fun read. Riding on this success, The Bombay Store decided to involve a larger audience and also reward the best answers with their famous printed umbrellas.

Phase 2 of this campaign was conducted on their Twitter account, through a short and power packed one hour hashtag campaign called #TBSkiChhatri. At the end of a super active one hour, two happy winners took home the most talked about umbrellas of The Bombay Store.


Twiiter Campaign #TBSkiChhatri

As the tweets poured in at lightning speed, the brand saw a total of 1200 mentions in one hour with over 500 Unique Twitter users participating. The other good thing was that rather than going for generic/irrelevant Hashtag, the brand stuck to a product related Hashtag & thereby promoting the product range subtly with the campaign.


Best Twitter Campaign #TBSkiChhatri

Having caught the joke while it was still fresh and hot, proved to be a boon for The Bombay Store. This campaign not only highlights how a brand can make the most of current events but also shows that a campaign can have a genuine user connect rather than pure giveaway contest-type Hashtags. Lesson learnt!

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