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LinkedIn launches new feature – Polls

After testing the feature for the last couple of months, LinkedIn has globally introduced the new ‘Polls’ feature.

LinkedIn polls enable members to quickly tap into the collective knowledge of their professional networks to gain opinions and perspectives on topics and conversations that matter.

LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn polls function pretty much the same as they do on other social media marketing platforms.

Step 1: Select ‘Create a Poll’ option within the post composer

Step 2: Type in your question, and enter up to four answer options.

Step 3: Set the poll duration between 24 hours to two weeks

Step 4: Add a note to your post, then push the poll live.

LinkedIn Polls Feature

As a poll creator, you can track

1. Poll results in real-time.

2. Access to listings of who voted and which option they cast their vote for. 

3. Message a user directly within the poll

4. However, a poll can’t be edited once it’s created. 

Polls are a quick, easy, and fun way to solicit feedback, while also sparking new conversations and discussions.

Brands can use this feature in diverse ways to solicit feedback across relevant subjects such as workplace preferences, shopping habits, and key company goals.

What do you think about LinkedIn Polls? Try and share your thoughts with us too.

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