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Instagram rollout ‘Pinned Comments’ feature 

Being tested from May 2020, Instagram has now officially rolled out the new ‘Pinned Comments‘ feature globally.

The new feature allows users/brands to pin any three comments on a post to the top of the thread. The feature is a part of a larger effort by Instagram to combat bullying on the social media platform.


To pin a comment, tap & hold on the comment and select the ‘Pin’  📌 icon from the top.   

Pinned comments can help popular creators, celebrities, and businesses on Instagram better manage their profiles by controlling the tone of the comments thread through highlighting positivity and moderating negative & abusive responses.

Pinned comments can also be used by brands in multiple ways like

1. Highlighting the comments of Influencers on their post.

2. Promoting user comments as testimonials for their products/services.

3. Pinning their own comment for additional information.

Here’s a fun fact: Youtube has had pinned comments since 2016

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