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Google Launches People Cards, Virtual Visiting Cards 

Getting visibility on search can be difficult and challenging especially if you are not popular or if you have a name that is common. Thanks to Google’s new virtual business cards, it won’t be the case anymore.

Termed as ‘People Cards‘, the new Google card lets individuals highlight themselves in the search results & create an online presence like never before.

The virtual visiting card is currently launched only in India with the aim to help  individuals, influencers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and anyone looking to highlight their work.


Here’s how you can create your virtual visiting card:

Step 1 – Sign in to your Google account & Search your name on Google

Step 2 – Click on the “add me to search” option

Step 3 – Upload the key details like description, link to social media, mobile no. & email id (if you wish) along with your picture.

Step 4 – Click on the “save” option and voila your virtual card is ready.

Every card must be authenticated by the user with a unique mobile number.

People Card
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For users looking to find someone on Search with their name, the card will be available. However, currently the results will be visible to searchers in India only. 

To make the feature more robust Google has added a feedback button to report cards with wrong information or created by an impersonator.

Have you created a Google People Card yet? How amazing is this new feature?

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