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Employer Branding on Social Media

Corporate websites are a passe, gone are the days of people getting swayed by the mission & vision statements of a company. Today, digitally savvy people spend hours on social media to find out about the employer brand.

But, what is employer branding and how should one go about it?

Employer branding is way more than just attracting the right talent. When leveraged in the right manner, employer branding can showcase the company culture, values, philosophy, and growth, drive employee retention, engage and amplify the employee network, establish thought leadership, help build a talent pipeline and community and attract the best talent.

Simply put, Employer branding is how people perceive your company.

Here’s how you can build a robust employer brand:

Employer Branding on Social Media

Choose the right platforms

Most of the brands fail to think beyond LinkedIn. Not that you need to be on every platform, but choosing the right mix of platforms that align with your objectives & where your target audience is present is critical.

If your target audience is spending more time on Snapchat, then add Snapchat to your mix. If videos help you reach your objectives, then add Youtube to the mix.

Once you shortlist the social media platforms, create dedicated career pages and have a unique strategy/approach for each platform. A blanket social media strategy doesn’t work.

Involve Your Team

In the age of Social Media where users are bombarded with promotional content by brands across different platforms, it’s really a refreshing change to see authentic content shared by the internal team. It not only gives a more authentic view of your workplace but also it is more trustworthy.

Think beyond employee testimonials, let the team be the content creators. Think of ideas that can make the team participate in your activities.

Additionally, your team feels valued, appreciated & involved which results in them sharing the content in their personal network thereby further increasing the reach of your brand.

Get the Management Onboard

Employer branding is a holistic concept and cannot be complete without the management being a part of it. 

While involving the team makes the brand more authentic and trustworthy, but with the management on board, it becomes more credible.

Quotes, video bytes, company updates from the CEO, CHRO, Vice Presidents & Sr. management can have a powerful impact on your employer branding strategy.

Share Powerful Content

Companies put in a lot of time, effort, and money in building a great work culture. It’s time to invest in creating powerful content that will live on their social media channels.

Showoff the wonderful culture through storytelling, blogs, videos & photos of office events, fun workshops, team building activities, work environment, cafeteria, company policies, perks, and benefits.

Don’t tell, show. Be consistent with your tone, but diverse with your content. Make use of infographics, GIFS, quotes, and as many different formats as possible.  

People love to get a glimpse of how wonderful it is to work and be a part of an organization before considering applying or joining.

Monitor Success

A great employer brand is not built overnight.  A good employer branding on social media gives everyone valuable insights into how a company treats its employees, customers, and what it is probably like to do business them.

With consistent efforts, the right strategy, and good content, one can look out for positive brand sentiments, an increase in retention rate, quality of hire, talent pool, and a drop in the cost of hire.

If you too are prioritizing employer branding for your organization and need a helping hand, you can always contact us.

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