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A Travel Brand struck the right chord with the fans using a Social Media contest!

In the age of social media, photography has transformed travel. Capturing every visit, every meal and sunlit moment via camera lenses has become a part of travel. We all love doing it!

Soaring Experiences, an online boutique travel brand leveraged this behavior with an interesting contest, to connect with the social media-savvy travelers. Known for listing unique handpicked properties across varied parts of India, their contest “India Through My Eyes” asked the fans to click and share their FollowMe pictures from different destinations in India.

Wondering what is a Follow Me picture?

Follow Me,  a personal project of Russian photographer Murad Osmann, who immortalized his travels around the world with his girlfriend in a series of photographs always based on the same model: a first-person view, driven by a delicate hand to new discoveries… A moving, poetic and romantic series!


Here’s an example of FollowMe picture.


Soaring Experiences, Social Media Travel,

The brand ticked all boxes right, from connecting with their target audience, to promoting their teaser updates across the social media spaces & creating a buzz among the Social Media & travel-savvy fans across India.

Soaring Experiences decision to connect with their target audience by selecting a unique concept of Follow Me, was met with lot of enthusiasm as the fans started sharing their Follow Me Pictures across various destinations in India.


Soaring Experiences, Travel Social Media


Follow Me Picture, Soaring Experiences, Social Media

Follow Me Picture, Soaring Experiences, Social Media

Follow Me Picture, Soaring Experiences, Social Media

The contest not only increased the followers exponentially, but also provided a refreshing break from the over used Selfie contest by the brands.

Do you know of any other interesting campaigns? Do share with us!

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