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7 Grid Layouts to Make Your Brand’s Instagram Stand Out

When we talk about social media marketing, Instagram is the most preferred platform by marketers. Launched in 2010, Instagram has over 500 Million daily active users. Brands and marketers are constantly on the lookout for ways to make their accounts aesthetically appealing and up their visuals game.

Say hello to Instagram Grids. A series of Instagram posts in a pattern of multiples of three or individual posts with a degree of color coordination with all other posts on your account is known as Instagram Grid.

Grids showcase your creativity as a brand that makes your audience marvel and intrigued.

1. Rainbow Grid:

Keeping a singular tone, colour or theme to all your posts makes the brand cohesive but it might get monotonous after a while. Rainbow feed is when you shift your tones, filters and core colours after every 3, 6 or 9 posts. This is great for seasonal promotions, it can co-relate to different moods or trending themes. For a smoother transition between colours, use the colour wheel. This helps you slowly transition from one colour to the next. If you want to change your theme, you can use a theme separator- most likely three similar images that act as a separator. A great example is the Instagram feed of The Kiddo App.

Instagram Grids

2. Horizontal/ Vertical Lines:

Horizontal grids are basically three posts that are similar, same toned or a single image. These grids work exceptionally well for photographers and travel pages as they allow a panoramic view. These grids are comparatively easier to maintain and leave a unified impact. One could also use this grid to showcase different aspects of the same product.

Horizontal Grid Design

Vertical grids are a bid harder to maintain. To create this type of Instagram grid layouts you have to be fairly strict in what you post! This is one of most common examples where you’ll see an entire row of words or quotes, running vertically down the page. By doing this, you entice your new visitors to keep on scrolling through your feed. You can see this grid done exceptionally well by @essel_propack

Best Instagram Grids

3. Borders:

Adding a similar border to your pictures gives your page a unified look. A border is a great idea if you have photos or objects in different colours. Let’s say, you’re a brand that sells products that are yellow, blue and black. Adding a white border makes your overall feed look consistent, in spite of the obvious differences in each photo. A lot of celebrities and individuals opt for borders for a cleaner Instagram feed. Here are a couple of interesting use of Borders in Insta-grids by @colorscineplexuk @akshataprabhu_official

Instagram Border Grids
Celebrity Instagram Grid

4. Puzzle Grids

The puzzle grids look like masterpieces when carried out religiously. Although these grids take a serious amount of creative planning but the pay off is worth it. A puzzle grid is created when every post connects to the next and the previous post, it features a single image that’s split into multiple ones. After they’re split, each individual part is posted on Instagram to recreate its larger version. These grids are amazing for new campaigns and new occasions as you can see done by @colorsrishteyuk below.

Puzzle Instagram grids

5. Diagonal Grids:

Diagonal Grids features images with similar visual aesthetics or objects in diagonal lines. It’s a complex but cool way to display certain information if intentionally planned. All you have to do is choose the types of photos and colours you want to highlight and drag or post them accordingly, as you can see done by @rai_india.

6. Checkerboard Grids:

The checkerboard grid alternates between two colours or post types. By alternating posts from one after another, you create a strong visual pattern your viewers can experience and therefore easily find the content they are most interested in. An important tip is to use a consistent font and background in your quotes. You can use any colour as the background, as long as you use it consistently. This helps you showcase your messages in a neat and pristine way. Here’s how Live Unique Life is using the Checkerboard Instagrid layout as a part of their digital marketing strategy.

Checkerboard Instagram Grid

7. Image Stamp:

This grid involves taking a single image and dissecting it into multiple of 3, 6 or 9 posts. One of the first versions of grids on Instagram, this format works well if you want your audience to focus on intricacies and details of the picture or show the grandiosity of a particular event. This format of the grid was widely used by fashion designers, models & celebrities. Although, if used often this grid can spoil the experience for the followers and result a dip in the engagement rate.

Image Stamp Grid Format

So, if you wondering how to keep your brand’s Instagram feed fresh and a way to make your Instagram presence more creative and intriguing, Instagram grids is your answer. You can experiment with & use these grids, mix them up, give them your twist, as long as it suits your narrative and fits social media marketing strategy.

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