To build an unique Crowd-Funding Platform For Cancer Patients.


With the widespread prevalence of Cancer and a shocking number of people unable to access care, Cancer Charity Trust launched an online platform "Reevive" in 2018 with the aim to bridge the gap between supporters, donors and patients in a hassle-free, transparent, and impactful way.

"Every donor a hassle-free, transparent, and impactful experience of giving."


An online crowd funding portal was created to showcase several patients’ stories as 'campaigns' with the required financial need and the time-period in which the need must be met. A donor can give in three different ways. Pledge to the cause
of Cancer by donating a desired amount every month, donate a one-time desired amount to a particular campaign or adopt a patient socially by spreading their story on social media.

Website: www.reevive.org


56 lives touched

18 Pledgers

143 Givers

75+ lakhs donated

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