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Diwali celebrations were subdued and quiet in 2020, what with people having to stay indoors and social distance due to the COVID 19 pandemic. In such a situation, Puneri Paltan, a team representing the city of Pune, Maharashtra in the Pro Kabaddi League, had to find a unique way to connect with their fans.
A connection built on the mat, in matches ridden with sweat and fervor. How could we take this online? How could we add a dash of the Puneri charm to the lockdown Diwali and make it brighter for the fans? We decided to use AR filters. Here’s how it worked:

By using your branded AR Filter, your followers become your brand ambassadors


How a sports brand leveraged AR filter to engage with their fans during Diwali.


We came up with a unique AR filter on Instagram for Puneri Paltan. All that the fans had to do was go to Puneri Paltan's Instagram profile, click on 'Try Filter' and click their own picture to post it on their Insta Story. A customized Pheta (Turban) appeared over the head of anyone using the AR filter. The saffron turban promoted the charm of our culture, the roots of Pune's heritage, while being tied to the brand Puneri Paltan and its sportsmanship charisma.

To kickstart the campaign, Paltan players put their turbaned AR filter selfies on their Instagram profiles. Fans took to it in no time and started using the filters too. We added more sparkle to the campaign by announcing that 5 lucky fans stood a chance to win Team Jersey. All the fans had to do was click a selfie using the filter, post it on their profile tagging Puneri Paltan, and then tag their friends too. We shared every contestant’s story on the Puneri Paltan page so as to encourage further participation.

Fans loved the entire experience and even put up their Turbaned pictures as their Profile pictures on their Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp profiles. The AR filter thus made a home in the hearts of the Puneri Paltan fan army. The fans could celebrate the festivals with their favorite players despite being home. There couldn’t have been a better win for the team during a muted lockdown Diwali.

Owing to the huge success of this Social Media campaign, we decided to extend it to Christmas celebrations as well, with a little tweak. We replaced the turbans with Santa hats for Christmas and witnessed a fabulous fan participation in use of the Christmas AR filter as well.


+30% Engagement

10,700 Impressions

4308 Entries


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