Workout with
the Warriors

Bengal Warriors


Sustaining off-season buzz and fan loyalty.


With the unprecedented rise of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), there are millions of fans across India following the sport.

These fans have been following the team and the players closely on Social Media. But since the league is an annual event and considering the lack of Kabaddi tournaments telecasted, the fans are left wanting for more action specially during the Off-Season.

"Used in the right way, behind the scenes content can make a big difference to your communication."


During Season 5 of the PKL, we recorded hours of 'behind the scenes' moments of players working out, their daily regime, practice sessions etc.
These videos were later edited for creating off season content - a video series highlighting each kabaddi workout and its benefits.
The videos were promoted across the brand's Facebook, Twitter & Instagram profiles.


Videos: 10

Total Reach: 236000 users

Total Views: 16580

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