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Increase engagement around IPL 2020


There is no exaggeration when we say that Cricket is a religion in India & IPL is the country's biggest carnival. After 6 months of misery & despair created by COVID19 led pandemic, Digital Latte intended to match the momentum of the IPL 2020 matches and connect it with different food dishes and IPL 2020 brought along much needed respite and excitement.

Such is the IPL fervor that an unprecedented 20 crore people tuned in to watch the opening match of Indian Premier League 2020.

Nothing completes the match viewing experience than a company of good food. With the lockdown, the users were forced to watch the IPL matches from their home.

India's leading masala & spices brand, Goldiee Masale, launched a social media campaign - #IndianFoodLeague to leverage the euphoria of IPL, create buzz and engage with their audience.

Context is the King!


The #IndianFoodLeague campaign conceptualised and executed by Goldiee Masale, launched a Digital Latte intended to match the momentum of the IPL 2020 matches and connect it with different food dishes and Goldiee Masale products.

The four phased campaign started by connecting daily matches with Goldiee Products through witty one-liners and powerful designs. The concept and IPL style lingo like Pav Bhaji DilSe, Sunriser or Knight Rider - One One Noodles for all, Chhole Bhature - The choice of Capital captured user's attention and helped the brand join the IPL bandwagon.

The phase two introduced different food dishes as trump cards highlighting IPL style key features like home team, partnership, Special Skills, Wins etc.

The phase 3 saw an introduction of match winning recipes using Goldiee Masale to add delight to your match viewing experience at home.

Lastly to keep the buzz alive and the excitement level, the brand ran an IPL match related fun contest every Friday where 5 winners got a chance to win the Goldiee Hamper.

The swash buckling and flamboyant campaign set the perfect tone for Goldiee Masale for the festive season ahead.


10x increase in engagement

2000+ contest entries

140000 Organic Reach

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